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Solaair shimmering panels

Custom Signs

Air active advertising is a unique patented technology, is made based on decorative panels with iridescent sequins. Thanks to a wide range of colours and possible applications, such advertising attracts 6 times more attention than a classic sign.

Decorative panels SolaAir® - used for indoor and outdoor advertising signs, facades, design of the interiors of public places and private premises. A fully autonomous system that does not consume electricity and other resources, and at the same time, the image is in constant motion, flickering, flashes and shimmers.

Backdrops/Instagram Walls

Our backdrops can help you create a fantastic memory of your event or business in the phones and minds of your guests or customers. We use SolaAir® shimmering panels to create the wall. Those panels let you choose from dozens of colors or you can even print your own unique image or logo.

Ask your customers to add your Instagram hashtag, and you will be surprised how much attention your business will get on the web. Check our gallery to get ideas and see how our product can make your event or business shine.

Solaair instagram wall
giant flower rentals

Giant Flowers

Giant flowers would make your event or even photoshoot truly unique. Each individual flower is handmade and will be slightly different from the other ones, just like in nature. The flowers can be as big as seven feet tall and come in different shapes and colours.

Create a natural modern theme that will make your occasion stunning, magnificent and a work of art. You can rent our existing flowers, or we can make them specifically for your special event.

Marquee Letters

Add an unforgettable and timeless look to your special event by renting our giant marquee letters. White painted, with super-bright LED bulbs, our marquee letters are a guaranteed show-stopper.

No installation required, we will deliver the letters to your event
each letter plugs into a standard electrical outlet and can daisy chain with one another. Top-quality assembly and professional LED lights provide one of a kind experience for your exclusive event.

3d marquee letters rental
champagne walls rentals

Champagne walls

A champagne wall will be an incredible addition to your reception.
Blow the minds of your guests right at the front door. We have champagne walls made with grass-like background and wooden shelves to create a cozy atmosphere or shimmering panels of any colour to create a luxurious and extravagant look.

All panels are locally designed and assembled with extraordinary quality and attention to detail. We will deliver and assemble the wall for you and pick it up after your event, so you have nothing to worry about.

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